40+ Women A New Beginning

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October 30, 2017
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40+ Women A New Beginning

Menopause is an inevitable time in women’s life, when our estrogen and progesterone hormones takes downward drive and hot flushes, emotional disturbances, sneak up on us. Understanding what’s really going on in our bodies can help us find natural solutions to the health challenges of this phase of hormonal changes, its time of transition, end of fertile years, decline or absence of estrogen. Some common charges seen are low energy level, memory problems, bone health, hormones, urinary and heart health.

Good nutrition and small life style changes can help to maintain a healthy menopause

  • You are important and so is your health be happy and enjoy life.
  • Some yoga, meditation and exercises can help
  • Get your daily calcium, you need 1200mg/day drink at least 2 glasses of milk
  • Eat fresh fruits at least 2cups and fresh vegetables goes 2cup to pump up of iron fiber, multivitamins and oxidants.
  • Drink plenty of water at least 8-10 glasses to keep yours self hydrated.
  • Maintain healthy weight cut down high fat and cholesterol.
  • Learn to use less sugar & salt.
  • Hard full of nuts can provide omega 3 and anti oxidants
  • Some plant based foods have isoflavones (Soya, tofu milk) can help overcome, hot flushes and night sweets.
  • One helping of egg, meat & fish can be helpful.
  • Try to avoid Spicy, Oily, food coffee, alcohol. Click Here More…

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