Eat your way to Radiant Glowing skin

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December 12, 2017
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Eat your way to Radiant Glowing skin

What you eat is as important as your daily skin care routine for your glowing skin. Eating right food can help fight skin imperfections and enhance your natural beauty.

Some natural beauty enhancers are-

  1. Apple – It’s full of antioxidants, vit c and has firming effect.
  2. Carrot – It’s full of beta carotene, vit-c keeps you young and wrinkle free.
  3. Tomatoes – Rich in lycopene, antioxidants excellent for skin.
  4. Avocadoes – Full of biotin, vit-E, antioxidants, good for hair & skin.
  5. Beet Root – Antioxidants, anthoyannes prevents wrinkles and helps skin glow.
  6. Lemon – Full of vit-c, fights against acne, scars, blackheads.
  7. Spinach – It’s a good antioxidant, keeps skin healthy.
  8. Strawberry – It has natural whitening agent malic acid.
  9. Pumpkin Seeds – Rich in zinc improves skin tone.
  10. Sweet Potato – Has anti inflammatory effect, rich in vit-A.
  11. Coconut – It’s full of omega 3, keeps skin soft and radiant.
  12. Chia seeds – Has essential fatty acids, omega3.
  13. Eggs – They have selenium, zinc, proteins, vitamins.
  14. Garlic – It has allicin, helps to keep skin young.
  15. Some other fruits and vegetables are papaya, pomegranates, pineapple, cucumber, etc.


I end this with water, it’s the most important, drink all least 7-8 glasses of water and keep yourself hydrated.

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