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October 30, 2017
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We can look at oxygen deficiency or starvation as the single greatest cause of all disease.

Of all the nutrients, oxygen is most essential your cells need oxygen to live. The body is 75% water and oxygen accounts 90% weights of water Brain and heart utilize most of the oxygen another important role of oxygen is that of purifier. It destroys germs, virus, amoeba, parasites, fungi, yeasts, it energizes the body, clears obstructions, prevents premature ageing.

Generally more oxygen is needed by those who are overweight, sluggish, have heart disease, autoimmune disorders’, cancer, arthritis etc.

Some ways to help oxygenation:-

1. 0xygenation via pranayams —Yoga

2. Oxygenation via movement-walking, running, cycling etc.

3. Oxygenation via massage.

4. Oxygenation via body scaub.

5. Others methods — Plenty of plant, open windows, medetate, eat lot of greens, stay hydrated, laugh a lot, declutter life, show gratitude sleep well, keep  fast once a week.

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