EMBRYO FREEZING in Vitrification is Cryopreserved embryo freezing instead of the traditional slow freezing process. Embryos are preserved and stored thawed frozen, in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -1960C in vacuum lined tanks for over 10 years. In the action of Embryo Transfer leftover embryos other than those are picked for embryo transfer are then Cryopreserved for Embryo banks for patients.


Sperm Freezing in IVF have been frozen and thawed for over 40 years in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -1960C in vacuum lined tanks. Sperm Freezing is predicted amongst the males who needs delayed conception or are undergoing medical procedures that are likely to affect fertility and for sperm bank. Surrogate’s donated sperm has to be stored for six months before it can be used in treatment, in order to screen the donor for infections.

EGG FREEZING: EGG FREEZING in in-vitro fertilization is eminent amongst the women in their prime reproductive year, who stores their egg for future assistance. Delayed conception, due to various reason- patient going under medication for cancer, pursuing study or are not getting the appropriate time to get fertile. In Egg Freezing process, egg is thawed by first dehydrating and then de-freezing it, thereafter, injecting sperm through a needle to fertilize using ICSI technique.


GENETAL TB commonly targets the fallopian tubes and the uterus which lower women chances of conception. Women need to have two standards- normal uterine cavity and functional ovaries to undergo the process of IVF. Only 2% of women with Genetal Tb delivered live birth where as in in-vitro Fertilization it ameliorate the chances of healthy fertility.


PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, involves elevated testosterone, irregular ovulation & menstruation, reinforce forming of multiple cysts in the ovaries and results in infertility. Women with PCOS produce increased ocytes unlike women with tubal infertility, results in 30% higher chances of healthy fertility in IVF.
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