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For many people, body hair so far more than just a cosmetic problem. In some cases, facial hair or a hairy back can have a devastating impact on self-esteem. However, conventional method of hair removal such as plucking, electrolysis or waxing are painful, time- consuming and always of limited duration only. Shaving stresses the skin, leaves stubble and must be repeated constantly. The only real alternative is treatment with laser or flash lamp.

MeDioStar NeXT is specialized for efficient and gentle hair removal. This may be used to treat larger skin area such as back, shoulders or legs, or to selectively remove hairs from the face and underarm or bikini area. Hair growth takes place in a cycle of growth and resting phases. It has been clinically proven that hair does not regrow at all or only very thinly after laser treatment.

Frequently Ask Question

Q. How does laser work for hair removal?

A. The laser-beam enters the upper skin layer. The pigment of the hair follicle absorbs the light energy specifically. Through conversion of light into heat, the surrounding area is heated and the follicle cell suffers a heat damage which causes the death of the root of the hair and the hair follicle.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

A. The light flash only damages hair, which is in an early growth stadium. Other hair keeps growing normally. Therefore each region needs 4 to 6 treatments. The more treatments are done , the higher is the chance to treat every hair in its damageable growth stadium.

Q. Is the laser procedure effective?

A. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the color, thickness and depth of the hair, thus red, blond and grey hair reacts less then black hair. The outcome of the treatments also depends on the hormone level. To reach a high effectiveness it is important to set up a treatment plan with your doctor depending on your skin type and hair consistency.

Q. Can all hair be treated?

A. Since the laser beam targets the pigments in the hair, black or dark hair can be treated the easiest. Treatment of blond and grey hair is seldom possible.

Q. What kind of results should I expert ?
A.The scientific literature shows that 12 month after the end of treatment there are very good effects with last generation lasers. It can be microscopically proofed that the hair follicles are definitely damaged. It is unknown, if and how new follicle can grow out of nothing.

Q. How will the treatment take course?
A. After application of a hydrous gel the hand piece of the laser is held onto the skin and moved over the parts to be treated. The laser sends a grounds a round light impulse of the size of the 8-14mm, what feels like soft stitches. The treatment is very comfortable thanks to the skin cooling system of the laser device.

Q. What happens after the treatments?
A. After the treatment a redness of the skin, strong feeling of warmth or wheals can occur. Overall the side effects are like a light sun burn or allergic reaction. The hair loosens and drops out after 5 days to 2 weeks. The re-growing hair is mostly thinner and lighter than the natural hair.

Q. How much time is there between treatments?
A. The next treatments can be done after 4-8 weeks, when a definite hair growth is noticeable.

The Asclepion Effect

For over thirty years Asclepion Laser Technologies has been flanking medical research in order to make the benefits of “Made in Germany” laser technology accessible to an increasing number of people.

Tody clients in more than 60 countries all over the world use laser devices designed by Asclepion in the optical valley of Jena in Germany.

With MeDioStar NeXT, Asclepion strives to produce excellent results on you every day.


With Fraser treatment by Palomar, the secret behind getting beautiful skin has been revealed.

Skin treatment

Wish you had the confidence just like the other girls? Wish you could have a flawess and smooth skin just like them? Well, you can now have scar-free skin with Paimar LUX 1540(Fraser) skin Treatment.

Deep Penetration for Best Results

The Palomar LUX 1540(Fraser) micro beams penetrate deeper (up to 1 mm) than other devices. These deep columns of coagulated tissue initiate a natural healing process that accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue to fill in the damaged treatment zones; the deeper the columns, the more new tissue. But not to worry. Throughout the process, the integrity of the top layer of skin is maintained, which protects the tissue from infection as it heals.

Speed and Convenience

The Palomar LUX 1540(Fraser) does NOT require topical anesthesia, dye application, or an elaborate cooling process, freeing the doctor up to treat with all his/her attention directed to the treatment area.

Safety and Comfort

The Palomar LUX 1540(Fraser) protects the skin by delivering micro beams in one short pulse at a time with simultaneous active contacts cooling. The treatment is significantly more safe and comfortable than systems that deliver beams over longer periods. You will enjoy more comfortable procedures with excellent outcomes and less downtime.

Q. What is the Fraser?

A.The Fraser ( Fractional Laser Resurfacing that is a USA FDA approved treatment) incorporates Plamor Lux1540TM Fractional Laser Hand piece, that delivers light in an array of high precision micro beams.

These micro beams create narrow, deep columns of tissue coagulation that penetrate well below the epidermis and into the dermis, while sparing the tissue surrounding the columns, from damage. Subsequent regrowth of cells and new collagen expression, from neighbouring healthy tissue during the healing process provides a quicker remodelling process, with little to no downtime.

Q. How does it works?

A. The Palomar LUX 1540(Fraser) micro beams penetrate deeper (up to 1000 microns) than other devices. These deep columns of coagulated tissue initiate a natural healing process that accelerates the formation of new, healthy tissue to fill in the damaged treatments zones; the deeper the columns, the more new tissue. Coagulated collagen and cellular debris is expelled as the skin is resurfaced. Throughout the process, the integrity of the stratum corneum is maintained, which protects the tissue from infection as it heals.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

A. For every individual, the number of Fraser treatments depends on various factors, including depth and type of skin, area and scar type to be treated. To know further, do seek the doctor advice.

Q. How much time does each session take?

A. Each treatments session can be completed within 15-30 minutes.

Q. How soon do I see the results?

A. The Fraser results are immediate and progressive. Over the course of two or three months, new collagen begins to form, creating healthy, more youthful skin.

Q. When do I get back to my normal routine?

A. Since Fraser has no or minimal downtime, the majority of individuals are able to resume their normal daily activities on the same day. Shaving can also be done immediately after Fraser Treatments.

Q. Does Fraser treatment hurt?

A. Fraser is virtually pain-free, very simple, safe and comfortable treatments because of Palomar’s patented contact cooling, sapphire tip and smooth pulse technology.

Q. What all indications can be treated?

A. You can treat Acne Scars, stretch Marks, Rejuvenation, Accidental Scars, Surgical Scars & Melasma.

Q. What is the difference between Fraser and other treatments?

A. Fraser incorporates the Palomar Lux1540TM that offers greater energy Per micro beams than any competing device. With only two or three passes, the hand piece achieves a high density of high- powered, deep penetrating micro beams for the most effective deep corrections and long-term dermal remodelling obtainable. In addition, the Lux1540TM delivers uniform micro beam penetration, a consistency that can’t be matched by systems that use a scanning approach.

About Palomar

Palomar Medical Technologies – industry’s technology leader, designs, produces and sells the most advanced cosmetic lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) systems to dramatically improve the appearance of women’s and men’s skin.

Since 1991, over thousands of physicians and patients worldwide – trust and depends on our technology to not only introduce new aesthetic treatments such as skin resurfacing, acne laser treatments for scars, wrinkle treatments and more, but to also make them faster, powerful, and more comfortable for those who treat as well as those who are treated.

Being aligned with the long-term leader is more than having the best cosmetic equipment – consider the peace-of-mind you’ll experience with Palomar’s depth of knowledge, innovation, and staying power on your side.

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